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Discount Leather Mart started in 2003 with our web site and we are still in business today. I can't say that about most other websites that were in business when we started our Internet Site (January of 2003). There were lots of companies selling leather on the Internet when we started. Most of my competition from 2003 were out of business by mid 2007. We attribute our success to Quality of Merchandise and putting the customer first. We also sell in our store front in Modesto California where we can see first hand customers reaction to quality and price. Our list of suppliers has changed since we first started for a variety of reasons, but let's just say, that we prefer to deal with suppliers that are ethical, no pigskin sent to customers instead of cowhide,no vinyl instead of leather, real YKK zippers, good quality leather, etc. We stand behind what we sell and we will bend over backwards to make you happy. In a nutshell, that's why we are in business today, our customers come back to us and trust us to deliver the highest quality gear at a reasonable price.


We can be reached at the following:


Discount Leather Mart

1124 Kansas Ave Suite B3

Modesto, CA 95351





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